With Strategic Imperatives Failure is NOT an Option.

We will make your business better.

Follow our methodology and your business will be better. Period.

We know we have something to prove, and are ready to get started. If you are a strong leader ready to unite the teams around non-negotiable goals, and hold the process accountable to the results, then you are ready to get fingerprinted!

Nice to Meet You

Rachel Young-Nielsen

Founder &
Chief Result Driver

Rachel created a movement with her “results matter” mentality. Fascinated by ideas, and inspired by the future, Rachel turns anyone's vision in to a reality.  

As an expert in experience marketing, change management, alignment advantage and organizational growth, she is versatile in her approach and her guidance. 

Rachel is inspired by people and experiences, which often sparks the creative solutions her clients seek.

Tyler Evancic

Director of Direction

Tyler makes no excuses when he wins. Hard work, common sense and result-oriented thinking are his weapons of choice. No stranger to providing a high-level of service in a fast-paced environment, Tyler uses his customer-centric thinking to evaluate and determine the best course of action. 
Committed to stable values while finding energy in new challenges, Tyler uses a positive role modeling approach to ignite his teams. His fresh outlook, easy going, professional and cut-to- the-chase approach are in-line with the deeply rooted belief at Result Drivers.

Stephanie Kowall

Result Officer

Stephanie awakes the soul of her projects as a trusted solutions provider with an outstanding history of client satisfaction and successful project management across a variety of industries.
The thread that ties Stephanie’s work together is her desire to serve others whether it’s through her keen ability to analyze business strategy or develop creative solutions to improve efficiency. Her mindset is always facing outward thinking of best ways to improve someone else’s experience in their work as well as life.

If you are one of the strong leaders ready to challenge legacy and use a new process to drive on-point execution, we would love to show you the power behind Complete Thinking™ with a complimentary 45-minute "Drive My Results" session.

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